Fathom Offshore

Fathom Offshore is a company for, and about, the sport of offshore game fishing. The products we make, the events we sponsor, the captains and teams we support, are all part of the Mission that is Fathom. Our company was born from the fishing culture that threads itself thru the coastal North Carolina region. This culture is not just a hobby, for some it’s their heritage, others their career, and for most a lifestyle that is a relief from the everyday grind. Whatever it is that pulls you in, one thing holds true to us all; it’s the thrilling pursuit of the next trophy fish, the sound of the reel peeling off line, and seeing that trophy surface at the boat. We understand this lifestyle is not limited to our North Carolina waters, but is known the world over, that’s why our entire product line is built tough and designed to be adapted to wherever your home port may be.

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